Explore the world of waterfalls, natural slides, and the mysterious hidden corners of canyons and gorges.  Following a half hour hike up the canyon, a two-hour adrenaline-filled descent through waterfalls and emerald pools awaits you.


Canyoning involves an adrenaline activity that carries you along the steep ravines and canyons of the tributaries of the Soča. Picturesque cliffs, narrow gorges, roaring waterfalls, and crystal clear emerald pools are the ingredients of your up close experience with wild and untamed nature.  The trip consists of a descent through canyons and gorges and navigating natural obstacles such as natural slides and waterfalls from which you plunge into blue pools filled with crystal clear water. Pristine nature envelops you the entire trip.  You will want to savor every moment!

When is the best time? 

Canyoning is most suitable during the summer months because of the cool temperatures in the gorges. It is recommended that you bring with you warm clothing to put on after your descent.
In peak season canyoning is available every day at 9:00, 12:30 and 16:00. During low season you can decide between 9:00 or 12:30.

Route Duration Difficulty Price/per person
SUŠEC 3h I – II 55€*
KOZJAK 6h III – IV 90€*

* include also a transportation to Bovec and back to Boka hotel

Canyoning Sušec located approximately 7 km from Bovec, is the perfect choice for everyone who desires to visit nature’s water park with a minimum amount of physical exertion. Because of its easy access, Sušec is suitable for almost everyone. Together with your experienced guide, you will jump from several meters high waterfalls, plunge down naturally formed slides, swim in refreshing water, and be showered with the falls of the stream Sušec. Your canyoning adventure in Sušec, including your walk along the hiking path to the entrance point into the canyon, will last 2 hours. Along the way, you will also have the opportunity to be acquainted with significant historical events as you will see ruins from World War 1.

Canyoning Fratarica – is located about 12 km from Bovec in the direction of Log pod Mangartom. This canyon requires more courage and physical fitness than is necessary in Sušec due to the fact that this canyon is cut into one of the demanding rock faces in the Julian Alps – Loška Stena.  The descent is steep and demanding, and the use of ropes is mandatory in the three waterfalls. Along the remaining portions of the route, the use of ropes is recommended. Including the ascent to the entrance point of the canyon, your unforgettable adventure will require about 4 hours.

*  CANYONING is being performed in cooperation with SPORT MIX BOVEC agency.