You won’t be disappointed by this unusual adventure. You will explore the subterranean world in the company of a guide as you venture into the caves of the world-renowned Kanin massif.  A portion of this hidden mysterious world is accessible also to you.


The world renowned alpine, karst mountain ranges of Kanin and Rombon are visited and explored by cavers from across the world. On Kanin are found some of the deepest caves in the world. In them we find distinct karst phenomena and formations such as stalactites, flowstone, siphons, underground lakes, and pools.

When is the best time for a visit?

Conditions in the cave are not affected by weather or time of day, so we can book your trip for any time. The only exception is in the case of heavy rain, during and after which there is too much water.  In these circumstances, a visit isn’t possible.

Cave Duration Price/per person
Srnica 3h 60€*

* include also a transportation to Bovec and back to Boka hotel

Experience the hidden wonders of the subterranean world of Srnica.

The karst cave Srnica, with its relatively easy access and passage, is ideal for an initial encounter with the underground world. An experienced guide will accompany you on your excursion.

The karst cave Srnica lies above the source of the Gljun stream, just west of Bovec. From the headwaters to the lower entrance of the cave is just a short ascent along a hiking path. The cave is approximately 700 meters long and is comprised of a complex system of passages. The cave has two entrances – lower and upper. The altitude difference between the entrances is about 65 meters.

During periods of heavy rain, the lower entrance is inundated as the mighty waters from the Kanin range flow through. During these times, the cave is understandably inaccessible. A fascinating attraction of the caves is the numerous heart-shaped fossils that adorn the cave walls. Their unique patterns are reminiscent of the creative talents of great artists. This excursion requires 3 hours.

*  CAVING is being performed in cooperation with SPORT MIX BOVEC agency.