Kayak courses/trip*

Kayaking is considered by many to be the best sport on the Soča River.

Unspoiled nature and close contact with the river offers pure pleasure. Of course, this isn’t possible without proper knowledge and experience. If you don’t possess those assets but would like to, we can take care of that in our kayak courses. We will make sure that you become a genuine kayaker.  Our intense multi-day courses on the Soča which last 2 to 3 hours each day will give you the confidence and skills to take on even the most demanding situations on the waterKnowledge of the laws and power of water and mastering paddling techniques will enable you to freely enjoy the river, which will inevitably get under your skin and for many will become a lifelong love of this amazing sport.  In order to obtain proficiency, we recommend at least a 3 day course.

When is the best time?

In peak season kayak courses and descents are available every day at 9:00, 12:30 and 16:00. During low season you can decide between 9:00 or 12:30.

Kayak courses Duration/lesson time Price/per person
1 day course 2,5h 68€*
2 day course 5h 134€*
3 day course 7,5h 195€*
4 day course 10h 254€*
5 day course 12,5h 313€*

In addition to kayaking courses, we also offer GUIDED KAYAK DESCENTS. This differs from our courses in that our guided trips mainly consist of simply being accompanied by an experienced professional kayak guide. The guide will also in this case offer some tips and pointers, and then together you will set off on your descent. The trip route will be determined by your instructor based on water levels and your prior knowledge and experience in kayaking. Guided kayak descent trip cost is: 59€ per person

Kayak trip Duration Price/per person
Kayak descent with guide 3h 59€*

*  KAYAK SCHOOL/TRIP is being performed in cooperation with SPORT MIX BOVEC agency.